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can someone please explain why I need to add a fin on everything I draw?

1 week ago | via | | 277

I don’t know what I like best

1 month ago | 44
Anonymous whispered: Do you take commissions?

Soon :D

1 month ago | 1

💜 Lumpy Space Princess 💜

2 months ago | 1469
Anonymous whispered: Are you gonna finish the mermaids project?

I don’t know. I realized the story I have for them is too boring and it has been done a million times already. 

2 months ago | 1

Audrey doodles I did after google reminded me it was her birthday

2 months ago | 816

Harley Quinn for Sketch Dailies! Based from albinwonderland's perfect cosplay

3 months ago | 1845

Kendall and Hailee

-insert backstory here-
4 months ago | 116

Preview of a project I’m working on featuring MERMAIDS! Lots and lots of mermaids 🙆💖💛💜

4 months ago | 42

Mermaid for sketch_dailies! I was going to draw one anyway so yeah

5 months ago | 12542